About the game

This card game, commonly referred as Préférence-style King, Recorded King or even Ladies' Préférence, is an amalgamation of two most popular games in Russia: Préférence (also spelled Preferans) and King.

As opposed to traditional King game with predefined order of game types, this is a solo game, in which one player, referred as declarer, contractor or soloist, selects the game specifics and has certain advantage in play, while the others try to prevent the soloist from realising the advantage and improve their own standings at the same time.

Unlike other similar games, this game is void of bidding. In exchange, it offers a variety of game types, each requiring its own approach and tactics. Being one of the most versatile card games, its demands deep thinking and ingenuity, representing a great challenge for an intelligent card player.

The game has a simple and consistent scoring system.

About the release

The application implements three-player version of the game. Three skills of computer player are supported. Different rule variations and cheat options are provided.

It is possible to play over local area, peer-to-peer or Game Center (Internet) network with one or two human opponents.

As different flavours of the game exist, the rules can be modified to suit the style of game you are used to. Few cheat options are also supported.

Other features:

  1. Saving game session (including a network one) at any stage.
  2. Game summaries, high score tables, achievements. Score tables and achievements can be also kept on line.
  3. Optional use of iCloud for keeping summaries and score tables.
  4. Sound effects and custom background music.
  5. Choice of background (texture and colour) and style of face (court) cards: English, Dutch, French, German, Russian.
  6. Support of different screen resolutions (iPhone or iPad) and aspect ratios.

The application feels quite comfortable with iPhone 5c or even iPhone 4s running iOS 9.0+. At the same time it gains advantage of newer OS features, if available.

The application supports macOS 10.13 (High Sierra) and above. macOS 10.14 (Mojave) is preferred.


An evaluation copy allows to try all features of the application.

At the same time is has the following limitations:

Registration never expires and applies to your another compatible device. To register the application, or restore your registration, select Register from the Main Menu.To register the application select Register from the Main Menu. To restore your registration select Restore from the same page.

A separate (also non-expiring) online purchase in needed to play a full game session over the network.


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