Apart from selecting Settings from the Main Menu, as opposed to tweaks, settings can be changed at any time in the game by selecting Settings from the game menu.

Settings are grouped in four tabs: Options, Look (Appearance), Speed and Sound


This tab contains general purpose switches.

Animate page transitions

When disabled, there is no animation while bringing up a page or returning from it.

Autoplay forced move

If there is only one card allowed to play, the application will play the card for you.

Save before new deal

Automatically saves game before every new deal, so if the application happens to crash, you lose no more than the last deal.

Rank order

Specifies hand sorting order within a suit. Auto indicates decreasing order for a negative game (Misère, Open Misère, All-Pass Negative) and increasing order for a posirtive game.

Confirm discard

Helps to avoid an accidental discard of a valuable card at Exchange.

Mode Trump enables confirmation on discarding a trump card.

Modes Normal and Picky, in addition, require to confirm discarding an Ace for a positive game or Seven for a negative game, depending on the current game type. As opposed to Picky, Normal mode suppresses confirmation for the only card in a suit.

Enable icon badge

Places a numeric badge to the application icon on the desktop, showing the number of saved games. You must allow Notifications for the app in order to use this feature. Later the feature can be enabled or disabled in SYSTEM settings 500+ - Notifications - Badges or (iOS 10+) Notifications - 500+ - Badges


This tab controls the appearance features.

Card set

Specifies the appearance of face (court) cards. Supported styles are (in alphabetic order of two-letter codes): German (de), English (en), French (fr), Dutch (nl), and Russian (ru). Style 4-colour corresponds to English pack, where each suit has a different colour.

Card back

Selects image used for back side of cards.

Highlight suits

If enabled, the application shows a colour bar above the cards helping to separate suits from each others.

Background colour

Background pattern

Colour and pattern (texture) of the background used by the application.


Animate dealing

Animate play

Sets animation speed or turns off animation. Animate dealing refers to dealing stage, Animate play refers to all other stages.

Pauses in tricks

Other pauses

Duration of pauses. Value of Pauses in tricks affects the duration of pauses between moves in a trick, as well as after a trick. Value of Other pauses refers to pauses in other situations, like after taking kitty, 'takes all' message and each game in a session. A pause can be interrupted by tapping the screen outside its middle area.


Sound effects volume

Volume of sound used for sound effect, exclamation, etc. Default: 50

Announce bids

Speak up a bid after it is made.


If enabled, the application 'whoops' occasionally after opening kitty. While doing that, the application knows only content of the kitty, but not your other cards.

Disabling exclamations also disables sounding, when the outcome of a contract becomes clear.

Sound & music in silent mode

Enable sound effects and music even when ringer is disabled with mute switch of the device.

Enable background music (iOS 9.3+)

Grants access to user's music file to play them in the background. This permission can also be granted or revoked using SYSTEM setting 500+ - Media & Apple Music or (iOS 10+) Privacy - Media & Apple Music - 500+ Pre 9.3 releases of iOS do no require such a permission, otherwise, if permission is not granted, the following items don't appear.

Music scope

The scope of background music:

App. Music is played throughout the whole application (except Game Menu, used for muting). If Shuffle music is enabled, the play list is shuffled when the application starts.

Game. Music sounds only while playing game. If Shuffle music is enabled, the list is re-shuffled whenever a game session is started or resumed.

Off. Disables music and hides the following items.

Music volume

The volume of background music in the range 1 to 100. As opposed to device volume keyssystem volume control, this sets up music volume exclusively for the application.

Music source

Shows an additional page to select album(-s), artist(-s) or play list(-s) to playback in the background. Play lists created automatically by iTunes are referred as smart playlists.

Shuffle music

If enabled, the music tracks are played in random order, otherwise the default order is used.

Show music titles

If enabled (assumed by default), the application displays each music title before starting playback.