The Performance page features Summary and Scores tabs. The data are kept separately by types (skills) of opponents: average or smart. A game involving novice computer opponent is disregarded, in a game with one average and one smart opponents the skill is taken randomly.


This tab shows the summary of your play in previous game sessions. The summary can be cleared by tapping CLEAR SUMMARY line at the and of the table.

Sessions total

Sessions won

Total number of played game sessions and number of sessions you won.

Sessions lost

Number of sessions where your score was negative 500 or less.

Sessions which were neither won nor lost are not counted, therefore sum of Sessions won and Sessions lost is not always equal to total number of played sessions.

Last score

Average score

Your score of the last played session and average score (mean) of all sessions played before (or after the summary was cleared).

Last balance

Total balance

Average balance

Your balance in the last session, total balance of all previous sessions and average balance .

The balance of a player is calculated as the difference between this player's score and average score of all players (including current).

Shortest session

Longest session

Date and number of deals (in brackets) for the sessions with the smallest and biggest number of deals. If several sessions have same number of deals, the earlier is stored.

Average deals per session

Average number of deals per session.


Each table keeps up to 5 top scores. A result is evaluated according to your balance and can be recorded, if the balance is positive, however you don't need to be the winner.

A result is stored with result details and game chart, which can be viewed by tapping corresponding line in the score table. Consult Result Details for more information.

Result details

To view details of locally stored result, tap line corresponding to the score in local score table. This will bring up Result Details page, which contains Details and Chart tabs.

Details tab contains the following information:


Opponent skill and current place of the result

Original Place

Place of the result at the time it was scored (if different from current)




Date and time the game started and ended



Tweaks for the game and number of deals

Won by

Lost by

Winner of the session. If the session ended as a result of someone getting negative 500 or below, this player is referred as Lost by


Score and balance for each player

The Game Chart lists played games and results of each game.